7 Integrities of a Socially Responsible Architecture

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The SHOTRACOTE-MOFATE/network web site will grow to become a place for sharing, in a quite extensive fashion, my research, advocacy and international development work in Africa and S-E Asia on house form and culture, adapted low-cost housing, health/hospital architecture, pro-poor small scale rural infrastructure, and compliant public procurement.

Detailed content from these projects and programmes, supported by designs, illustrations and pictures, will be presented with the hope that they can prove useful to a wide array of international development professionals and workers, to architectural students and scholars, as well as to the community at large.

On the right, one can find what I have defined as essentially pro-poor “7 Integrities of an Internationally Socially Responsible Architecture“. They represent the seven “values” which I have endeavoured to put in practice throughout my professional career as an international development expert and consultant.

Bob Hardy FRAIC | Fellow Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 

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