a research on “house form and culture”

Bob au Village155

Architecte Bob Hardy FIRAC planning their neighbourhood with the villagers on site.


HARUBA” is a research on house form and culture in the Baoule context in Ivory Coast. It stands for “Habitat Rural Baoule”, the French for “Baoule Rural Housing”.

This research has been undertaken by Bob Hardy FRAIC with interns and students at the Centre for Research on Architecture and Urbanism (CRAU) of the National University of Côte d’Ivoire, Abidjan.

– Bob Hardy – Kouame N’GUESSAN – Bernard SICOTTE – Assie N’DRI – Rutger VAN OPPENRAAIJ – 

Proposed neighbourhood planning, Baoule context.

Proposed adapted neighbourhood plans, Baoule context, Côte d’Ivoire

The book “HARUBA” has been published in 1978 by the Official Editor of the Province of Quebec as part of a grant from the Quebec Ministry of Education.

The main findings and substantive content on this research on house form and culture research will be published and discussed here on the SHOTRACOTE-MOFATE/network web site.