NURBIDS stands for  “National Urban and Rural Infrastructure Development Strategy“. This Strategy for a pro-poor and people-centred small-scale infrastructure development has been elaborated by a joint team of international and local architects and planners for the Department of Urban Planning of the Lao PDR under the direction of Bob Hardy FRAIC.

The aim of the NURBIDS Strategy was to bring to a national level an infrastructure planning process in line with the “pro-poor” and “bottom-up” planning approach to small-scale infrastructure development which was initiated by the FRAR Programme in the Ivory Coast in the 70’s, and by the CERPAD Integrated Rural Infrastructure Development project in the early 90s, both with UNCHS/UNDP and Bob Hardy FRAIC”s assistance.

The main findings and substantive content of the “NURBIDS” Strategy will be published and discussed here on the SHOTRACOTE-MOFATE/network web site.